V/A – X-Rated

Like the Bubbleboy Remixed 12“ this release from the new German label We Rock Like Crazy is again a 12” with different remixes from one track. This time it is the song ‘X-Rated’ by Psyche that is remade six times. The original is not featured on this release itself, which is too bad as not everybody will know the original.To judge the remixed works is harder this way.

James White opens with a floor filler. His remix sounds a lot like the electro Legowelt and Bangkok Impact produce, mainly due to the disco influences. This is true evil disco music. Other remixes are done by diverse artists like The Weathermen, RA-X, Goteki and Bangkok Impact.

All remakes differ a lot from each other. The Weathermen have made the track into a spacious feeling electro track, RA-X transforms it into a raw and loud elektro tune and Goteki keep it rather light and slow in their reworking of the track.

Maybe this 12” is not as succeeded as the Bubbleboy 12”, as I miss really outstanding remixes like Echo West and It & My Computer did for that one. Anyway X-Rated is still a good and solid record. Especially the James White version is great.

artist: V/A
label: We Rock Like Crazy
details: 12”, 6 tracks [we rock like crazy 03]