V/A – XII Caesars

In a period of 145 years twelve caesars ruled the Roman Empire. From Julius (49 B.C.) to Domitian (96 A.D.). A period full of betrayal and violence. Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus depicted the often cruel rulers in ‘The Twelve Caesars”. The dictators form ideal subject matter for a compilation filled with dark and expertimental electronic music.

Somnambulant is specialized in dark ambient, death industrial and power electronics. On “XII Caears” you find mostly exclusive tracks of projects which released material on the label before. A new act is The Great Despisers, which is a collaboration between Axone and Marspiter. Each act based his track on one emperor, and was inspired by a text from Tranquillus. If you’re a lover of the above mentioned musical styles, espcially dark ambient, you will probably like this compilation. It contains some decent dark tracks, though nothing too spectacular. Some good pieces are the tracks by Exsanguinate, Murderous Vision and Survival Unit (who treated 4 emperors at once), and the epilogue by Marspiter.

artist: V/A
label: Somnambulant Records
details: 10 tracks [som001]