V/A – Zombie Commandos from Hell

A compilation full of exclusive tracks inspired by Steph Dumais’ alternative comic series ‘Zombie Commandos from Hell’. Dumais compiled this album himself. I don’t know this comic, but according to this ‘soundtrack’ and the comic previews I saw, it must be raw, violent and over the top. ‘The series, set in a grim, polluted and war ravaged future, focuses on a group of survivors pitting their wits and weapons against an onslaught of soldiers returned from the grave.’

On this cd you’ll find different electro and industrial acts from around the globe, with a few well-known names (like Mlada Fronta, Implant, Tarmvred, Mimetic) and some new acts for me. Overall the quality level is very high, and almost every track invites you to dance. The technoid, trancy electro tracks at the beginning of Milligramme, Headscan and Implant are very infectious, combining tasteful danceable beats with atmosphere. Mimetic Data is a bit more chaotic, with hectic breakbeats and structures. Cage Decay brings us a hard clean technoid beat and crossover guitars. The Belgian act Empusae offers a more experimental soundscape, full of samples, and with dense beats as the song evolves.

Then it’s time for some more clean electro, with a solid trance track by Negative Format, highly danceable. Tarmvred rather surprises me with some very cheerful computer bleeps, reminding of the latest electroclash trend. But this is soon fused with their powerful D&B rhythm attacks. Mlada Fronta contributes a dark ambient atmosphere, filled with videogame sounds. PTSMC also delivers a dark soundscape, with some horror-like sounds. SMP turns the beat up, with a classic Nitzer Ebb-like sound. Mind Confusion nicely builds up the tension, before emerging in another standard EBM track. Next is Andraculoid, with an agressive industrial crossover sound. Flint Glass and Babel-11 finish the soundtrack with soem dark experimental soundtracks.

Overall a recommended compilation. Electro DJ’s will find various dancefloor smashers here. You can order issue 3 of the comic + this Sonic Assault soundtrack for $12.95, which certainly seems value for money…

artist: V/A
label: Geska Records
details: sampler, 16 tracks