V? li – Forlatt

The debut album of V? li, a one-man from hailing from Norway. About half an hour of moody, peaceful music between neo-classical and folk, almost completely based on acoustic guitar. The rather minimal, melodic instrumental songs are further coloured by classical instruments like cello, violin and flute. Some bands which come to mind are Empyrium and Tenhi.
V? li creates a romantic, melancholic atmosphere, steeped in folklore and tradition, which evoke images of ancient forests. It’s certainly nice intimate music which I enjoy listening, though a little more variation could make it better. The song ‘Lengsel’ is a good example: the additional female voice gives it just that little extra.

artist: VĂ li
label: Foreshadow Productions
details: cd-r, 10 tracks, 2004 [FSH015]