Valravn – Krunk

If you know that a member of the technofolk band Sorten Muld is part of Valravn, you might be surprised in first instance with this record. The sound of Valravn is in the first song very traditional, unpolished and raw. Thus very different from the tight produced electronic dance and ambient folk of Sorten Muld.

Valravn sounds like a Faun who cover Hedningarna in a very convincing way or like an Omnia that knows something about traditional music. Still there are some songs on Krunk that feature modern electronic influences. This is both done very subtle like in ‘Drømte mig en drøm i nat but also more prominent with a dance beat in Skovedanser’. Despite this all songs have a traditional Scandinavian touch, sometimes with a Pagan folk twist.

This first cd by Valravn sounds convincing and leaves a taste for more. There is only one point of real approval and that is the singing. At times this could have been done better.

artist: Valravn
details: mcd, 5 tracks