Vanishing – Still Lifes Are Failing

This is the second full-length release of the American (now Berlin residents) Vanishing. The band is slimmed down to a duo but I believe that they are looking for a new synth player. Still Lifes Are Failing is released in Europe on Fatal Recordings, the label by ex Atari Teenage Riot front woman Hanin Elias, and in the US on Gold Standards Laboratories.

Vanishing’s electronic deathrock is spiced up with a saxophone and this works really well in the opening track ‘Love Sick’. In a way the punky hectic electronics and sax vaguely remind me of some Tuxedomoon songs. This is even more the case in the more experimental tracks on this album like ‘Toothless Tigers’ and the outro of ‘Still Lifes’.

’Still Lifes’ by the way is bound to become the hit of this new album. Pounding dirty electro beats and punk vocals make up for a true death disco track. Other songs in the similar style are ‘Cuckoo Spit’ and ‘Idle Eyes’. These two tracks will also do good on the dancefloor. With music like this Vanishing basically continues the batcave tradition of bands like Alien Sex Fiend and prove to be the modern equivalent of that genre.

With Still Lifes Are Failing Vanishing should also be able to draw the attention of a broader audience then that of the contemporary batcave / post-punk scene. Their music is quite “hip”.

Featured on the cd are two videos of the songs ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Cuckoo Spit’. Especially the ‘Cuckoo Spit’ one is very nice with its Monty Python like (but darker) animation.

Also there is a chance to see the band live at work around Europe in february together with Bettina Koester of 80’s NDW band Malaria! On February 18 they will perform in Amsterdam at Hex.

artist: Vanishing
label: Fatal Recordings
details: 12 tracks [FATAL 5 / GSL93]