Vanity Set, The – Little Stabs of Happiness

The Vanity Set is the band led by Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds). Little Stabs of Happiness is the second album by this band. The sound of the band and this album is very much like that of Nick Cave. It is dark, emotional and a bit cabaresque.

This music speaks to heart and mind. The crooning singing and the dark melodies on tuba, violin and guitar will take you into a world of 19th century romanticism. Highlights are the playful ‘Little Demons’, the folky ‘Some Little Bird’and the strange ‘The Bell Song’.

The Vanity Set fits in well with contemporary American bands like The Dresden Dolls, Barbez and also 16 Horsepower. So, if you are into this type of American moodiness, Little Stabs of Happiness is a nice asset to your collection.

artist: Vanity Set, The
label: Cargo UK
details: 10 tracks [CUK005CD]