Variété – Bydgoszcz 1986

Variete is, as I have understood, a legendary name in Poland, a gothic/wave band with a cult status. The music on this album, “Bydgoszcz”, was originally recorded in 1986, and is now released on cd from the first time, together with a live session from 1989. I can’t give you too much background info on Variete, because all references I found of them are in Polish, but they seem to be well-known name in the Polish underground scene. The information on the sleeve and the lyrics are also entirely in Polish.

Variete brings us a typical postpunk sound, which is rather minimal and barren, but highly effective. The singer has an appropriate low voice, sounding rather claustrophobic and melancholic. The bass and typical spacious wave guitar know how to build up the tension and the music is adorned by some tasteful saxophone sounds. All songs are rather slow and haunting. Of course you have to think of bands like Joy Division and Section 25, and for instance of Siglo XX from Belgium. Very cold and depressive guitar wave. As a bonus you are treated to half an hour of live music, sounding a little more energetic and convincing.

My conclusion: we can be happy that Perun has released this historic recordings, because the quality of this music is too good to gather dust in an old archive…

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artist: Variété
label: Furia Musica
details: 16 tracks.