Vectorscope – Monitoring The Blind

11 tracks recorded between January 1999 and August 2001, but only released in 2004. Dark industrial soundscapes fill my room, that seems to be so much spacier for the time this disc is running. A total industrial area fills my bedroom, a big aquarium to drown in is in my kitchen and still I’m wondering, where do these strange, deformed bird-sounds hail from? It’s only when the disc ends my place returns to its former self. By that time I’ve been away for slightly over an hour, enjoying to look around, to listen to what is happening.

Maor Appelbaum is an Israeli label, which releases mainly the products of Maor Appelbaum himself. Vectorscope is one of his solo-projects, for which is the first release. It’s an fascinating album that keeps on surprising the listener, with new sounds comming into the mix or just fading away when least expected, but fitting the musical piece all too well.

Though it is not really rewriting a genre, this is an album that deserves to get a lot of attention from the listeners of industrial soundscapes, but also might attract listeners from the ambient and even from the more experimental dark-electro genre.

artist: Vectorscope
label: Maor Appelbaum Productions
details: 2004, 11 tracks