Victoria – Homo Rattus

This new project is a collaboration between Tomas Pettersson of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Peter Pettersson of Sophia/Arcana. If you put these two Cold Meat masters together in the studio/on stage you must get something special! Well, at least they must have had a lot of fun, especially when you listen to the ‘rat’ track on this single. Peter told me that it is not a one-off project, but that various singles will be released and probably later an album. During the concerts recently with Ordo, Sophia and Sephiroth in Delft (NL) and Bochum (D), Victoria gave a short surprise performance, which was amusing.

This single really has two sides. The first track, ‘This Carnival (of light)’ is a bit what you would expect: a midtempo acoustic song, that is ritual and hypnotizing in the best Ordo Equilibrio tradition, with a little heavier percussion perhaps. Really a good song!
I can appreciate the B-side also very much, although stylistically it is rather different! The raw energy of the song and the subject matter are in the best punk traditions, whereas the music has an irrestible groove, that you would expect more from funky/jazzy music. The lyrics are rather direct and nihilistic: ‘Like rats in the sewers / We swim in shit / like rats in the sewers / in a world of shit’ and ‘There isn’t much of mankind left’, a bit less refined than you are used to from Ordo. The chaos and energy remind me of a band like The Birthday Party. Refreshing to hear that these musicians dear to step aside from the well-knwon Cold Meat paths!

artist: Victoria
label: Erebus Odora
details: 7', 2 tracks