Vidi Aquam – Spades – German promo

A promotional cdr with half an hour of music from Vidi Aquam, an Italian project. I did not know them yet, but they seem to be active since the mid 90’s. The first track is an instrumental intro. somewhere between neo-classical and darkwave, reminding me of old Hyperium acts like Stoa or Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Not spectaculair, simply pleasant to listen to. The same goes for the other tracks on this cdr. A solid mixture of darkwave, gothic rock and ethereal music. The compositions are also worthwhile. Most special is the female vocalist, she sings with passion and she has a not so everyday voice. Some tracks, like ‘Le Silence’, contain some heavier guitars. Others are more tranquil and classical, like the slow and haunting ‘Le Silence’. ‘Queen of the Contrast’ has a nostalgic feel, it made me think of XMal Deutschland. In general Vidi Aquam made a good impression to me, combining varied styles and moods.

artist: Vidi Aquam
label: Rosa Selvaggia