VidnaObmana – Legacy

VidnaObmana is a well-known name in the darkambient world. He has now finished his Dante-trilogy with this work and will take some time off to reflect upon his work, scheduling no new events untill 2007.

But he has left us with quite a work to fill this time with. Legacy is an album that you can´t stop listening too. Hearing new things every time you listen to it. For this final album of the trilogy VidnaObmana hasn´t compromised himself to just one style. The well-known sound now has injections of industrial and post-rock, creating an album that never rests. Always on the move between two extremes, choices that have to be made, always running from here to there and still finding no rest.

Several guest musicians have added to this album, with different backgrounds, from Neurosis to Porcupine Tree, from metal to blues. All has been welled into a sound that sounds so familiar, yet so strange.

As noted above, an album that you keep on listening too, probably even untill 2007, especially with the other two albums in this trilogy. Still it will be a long time without further releases from this longstanding (over 20 year) project that assures quality releases.

artist: VidnaObmana
label: Release Entertainment
details: 2004, 8 tracks