Vinterriket – Landschaften ewiger einsamkeit

Vinterriket hails from Germany (despite the Norwegian name) and has produced an album full of desolate keyboard ambient. Mastermind Tom Kvalsvoll has release quite a few obscure releases already. I think he and the label Ketzer Records are closely related to the metal scene. ‘Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit’ contains six untitled tracks, which treat the listener to some long and cold electronic soundscapes.

Dark ambient releases are often hard to describe, but most important is if the mood appeals to you. And this is the case with this solemn winterly music, which convey images of wide landscapes, mist and snow. Tranquil, slightly melodic music, slowly build up with spacious electronic layers, with sounds of thunder and storm added to increase the natural mood.

It is not entirely original what Vinterriket has created here, but in general these soundscapes sound pleasant and will appeal to fans of for instance Mortiis. There is not much evolution during the course of the album, so these 68 minutes last perhaps a bit long.

artist: Vinterriket
label: Ketzer Records
details: 6 tracks