Vision Bleak, The – The deathship has a new captain

Only seldom do I listen to metal music anymore, and in even less occasions to gothic metal. The Vision Bleak (new band by ex Empyrium member Schwadorf) did however draw my attention with this debut album.

Despite all the clichés that the band puts into the music, like low male vocals, doomy synth lines, sampled voices of woman singing in a high tone and orchestral sound pieces, The deathship has a new captain definitely has something to offer.

The record consists of good songs, is well produced and knows to summon just the right atmosphere. The Vision Bleak plays a loud version of The Sisters of Mercy, like Type O Negative and Moonspell did in their heydays. ‘The lone night rider’, which was the first single, is a potential hit that would do good on the alternative dancefloor. But the somewhat less catchy tracks, like ‘The night of the living dead’ and ‘Deathship
symphony’ are artistically just as interesting.

The deathship has a new captain is a stylish gothic metal / horror rock album. And, also a record that despite its metal sound keeps true to the mood of old-skool gothic rock bands.

artist: Vision Bleak, The
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 9 tracks [pro 066]