Visions – Lapse

Visions is a new creative outlet for Frédéric Arbour, founder of the Cyclic Law label. Earlier he released a fine album as Instincts, and he also plays in a doom metal band called Longing For Dawn. This album by Visions is a fine collection of ‘classical’ dark soundscapes, like we’re used of from Cyclic Law.

Titles like ‘Devoid of shadows’ and ‘Abyssal gaze’ say it all: this is bleak, chilling music, that expresses a feeling of isolation. Deep drones, thick layers of low rumblings, subtle scraping and distorted sounds, only gradually changing sound patterns with a hypnotic effect. I get a feeling of weightless floating through an endless obscured void. “Lapse” would be a suitable soundtrack for a space travel documentary. Almost an hour of focused ambient music to stimulate the imagination of concentrated listeners. Solid, without any real surprises.

artist: Visions
label: Cyclic Law
details: 7 tracks, 56 min. [14th Cycle]