Vitaminsforyou – I’m sorry for ever and always

Intr_version has been very active the last few months with three new releases, and surprising releases they where.
Vitaminsforyou is no exception. After two 3″ cd-r’s on Sfeericle and several tracks in compilations this is the first full length release by this Canadian band.

The recipe for Vitaminsforyou seems to be not overly original. Mix a good amount of pop and rock influences with glitchy sounds, and to that add a healty portion of experimental electronics and you have Vitaminsforyou. So what’s new?
Luckely the combination works, treating the listener to poppy glitch music. Vitaminsfor you is able to produce an album packed with orginal catchy songs that float into your brain stay there a while, and leave gracefully again once the next tracks starts.
Although I must admit I was slightly sceptical about this release. But after hearing the cd for several times I’ve fallen for this sweet way of presenting pop, or electronic music, depending how you want to look at this release.

Invite some friends over, push the play button and see the confusion on their faces. Thanks to intr_version for bringing this little gem out in the world.

artist: Vitaminsforyou
label: intr_version records