Von Iva – Von Iva

This band fits in somewhere with Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes. Von Iva plays riot grrrl inspired (punk) rock. The band is less post-punk orientated and more grungy then Veronica Lipgloss.
What stands out in the sound of the band are the warm soul/bluesy vocals. This gives the band a sound of their own. But, I also think this aspect is something not everybody will like. The music is also less fierce as that of Veronica Lipgloss. It is also warmer and thus less dark.
The six songs on this EP is quality music for sure. They rock and they swing, but will not be everybodies cup of tea. Also not mine for one hundred percent. I think I just put on that Veronica Lipgloss single one more time…

artist: Von Iva
label: Cochon Records
details: 6 tracks [coch XX]