Von Thronstahl – E Pluribus Unum

Just like the debut “Imperium Internum”, Cold Spring has also re-released Von Thronstahl’s second album “E pluribus unum” in a digipack format. This cd collects compilation tracks and rare songs previously included on limied vinyl releases. Furthermore there are some remixes and unreleased pieces present. Perhaps because the tracks are taken from various sources, this album sounds less homogenous than “Imperium Internum”. There are some nice individual tracks, but the album works less well as a whole.

Again there are some typical neo-classical hymns like ‘Inthronisation’ and ‘Hail you captain and thy guard’, but there are also tracks with more rock/crossover influences. For instance ‘Bells’, which sampled some AC/DC sounds, or the alternate version of ‘Under the mask of humanity’ with some heavy guitars and weird crossover piece ‘This is Europe not L.A., which abuses an old E.L.O. song.

My favourite track is probably the impressive ‘Mitternachtsberg’, also known from the “Thorak” compilation. Also good is the bombastic ‘Path of St. Michael’. Not every song on this album appeal completely to my taste, but “E pluribus unum” has some strong moments.

artist: Von Thronstahl
label: Cold Spring
details: 14 tracks, 2001/2004 [CSR37CD]