Von Thronstahl – Re-turn your revolt into style

Von Thronstahl, the project around Josef K., is better known for its political controversies than for its musical qualities. Perhaps a bit of a pity, because they have created some fine music if you see through the political incorrect games. This was especially the case on “Imperium Internum”, which contains some nice neo-classical hymns, in which you can hear the hand of Raymond P. (Days of the Trumpet Call). This debut was followed by “E Pluribus Unum”, a compilation of rare tracks, and a live 7″. This ‘new’ release, which comes in a limited luxurious and splendid looking box, contains even more ‘restmaterial’. The theme is, how surprising, (views on) fascism in all its different aspects, but, as stated, not meant as ‘glorification’.

The first songs on this album sound as expected, a mixture of classical bombastic hymns with martial elements. Especially the opener ‘Sirenade’ has a very nice sound and atmosphere, with choirs and the sound of warning sirens. ‘Polar-Expedition’ is a typical Von Thronstahl track, orchestral, with bombastic drums and sampled spoken vocals. ‘Aufstand/Riot’ is a good name for the next short track, which sounds very aggressive and militaristic. The same goes for the next song ‘Rucke vor bis zur Schlossallee’, which is rather monotonous, but it gets harsher towards the end. The title track starts with speech samples with comments about fascist imagery, after which it turns into a quite catchy marching song, concluded by a Human League sample (‘Fascination’). Mutter der Schmerzen is a rather nice folky track, but a little short. ‘Hey ho, spann den wagen an’ and ‘Brechen muss der schwarze bann’, are surprisingly soft ballads, with somewhat of a 60’s feel. The last three tracks consist of nothing but eclectic sample collages and are a little turing to listening to, with a combination of political speeches (American imperialism, 9/11), radio fragments, well-known songs (Leonard Cohen, The Clash, U2 and other rock/punk songs with political or American themes ). The last of these tracks, ‘Babylon the great has fallen’, last over 33 minutes…

I must conclude that there are some nice songs on this release, but perhaps not enough strong material to justify the purchase of this pricy box, unless you are a fanatic collector. I’m a little glad that I only borrowed it, because I would not play it nearly as much as “Imperium Internum”…

artist: Von Thronstahl
label: fasci-nation
details: box , 12 tracks, limited to 500 copies.