Voxus Imp – Runen

A really obscure ‘pagan electronic’ album by the German act Voxus Imp, originally released on tape in 1994. It has now been made available again by Mjölnir Tonkunst, in a small vinyl edition of 300 copies. The packaging is excellent, a lovely gatefold sleeve and a wonderful 4-page insert sheet with a long and interesting article in German called ‘Runen – Tradition & Interpretation”. The tracks on this album are devoted to individual runes and related aspects of the culture of the old Germanic tribes.

As you perhaps expected, the music has a strong ritual character. Mostly based on monotonous percussion, combined with electronic sounds and samples. The spoken mantra-like vocals in an ancient language are a characteristic element. Most tracks are rather restrained, except for ‘Thurisaz’, which is a powerful rhythmic piece, with a rather martial feel. This record is very interesting, though not easy to digest. Avantgarde ritual ambient, perhaps a bit comparable to early Allerseelen work, though more minimal and less rhythmic. A special album with a meditative effect.

artist: Voxus Imp
label: Mjölnir Tonkunst
details: 2004, 300 copies