Vromb – Le tourne-disque

This piece of vinyl by seduced me by its great ‘retro-look’ cover, with on the front a little girl, listening to a Vromb record on her old pick-up. On the back we see a young boy playing with a toy telephone. Vromb is an analogue electronic project of Hugo Girard This is not the only role that children play on this record, apparently Girard has also sampled the voices of his infant relatives Frédérique and Philippe. Vromb is known for his ‘oscillating, minimalistic frequencies, rotating sequences, bubbling technoid sounds and unique repetitiveness’.

The three songs on this record are very beat-driven, more so than most Vromb material I know, though it is not too far removed from the sound of the ‘Interluder” mcd. ‘Le jouet électrique’ is not very fast, but has subtle rhythms, and more atmospheric soundscapes in the background. Its repetiveness works trancelike, though I would not call these track directly a dancefloor attack, the music is too restrained for that. The sound is electronic, cold and minimal, with a somewhat detached feel. I think I like the second song ‘audio-téléphonisme’ most, a nice pulsating and dynamic rhythmic composition.
As usual Vromb demonstrates an original sound. Though I was not as instantly captivated by the tracks on ‘Le tourne-disque’ as I was by Vromb-tracks like ‘electro 01’ or ‘synchronisateur’, the cold minimal electro rhythms, which are oppressing at times, do get more interesting with each listening turn.

artist: Vromb
label: Ant-Zen
details: 10', 3 tracks. act 121.10 (also available as mcd)