Vromb – Rayons

After the amazing ‘episodes album’, CD’s for Hushush and Pflichtkauf and some vinyl releases, Vromb returns with a full-lenth album on Ant-Zen called “rayons” (CD and LP). The previous vinyls were very rhythmical, and I expected this release to be very rhythmical as well. In fact it is a lot less rhythmical than expected.

Although the typical analog ‘vromb’ pulses are present as always, the album has a much more cold and ambient feeling to it. On this album Vromb sounds like a complex synthetic organism of sound (as always), but one that is moving slowly through an iceworld. The banging techno is gone, and both the sounds and the rhythms have become very subtle. This reminds me of the click-techno of Noto’s latest solo-releases, or the subtler moments of Pan Sonic.

However, Vromb still has his own very unique style which makes this album into a very aestethic and beautiful sonic experience. Great stuff!

artist: Vromb
label: Ant-Zen
details: [act 151]