V/Vm – It’s fan-dabi-dozi! / HelpAphexTwin 4.0 / Dimitri Shostakovich

Remember being a little girl? Remember that special day when you were being taken to the house of that strange man your parents always warned you about? Remember him giving you lots of candy and making him listen to his strange record collection, while stroking you gently?

You don’t? Well, then here’s your chance to catch up on the experience! Because artistic all-stars V/Vm just released three fine musical experiences that none should have to miss!

It’s fan-dabi-dozi! is a double-cd compilation featuring artists and tracks especially compiled by V/Vm. The double-cd features 46 tracks of the the finest noise, heavy-metal, cut-up samplemania, sped-up children’s songs and of course lots of cover-versions of your favourite 80’s and 90’s pop-songs. Overall an absurd and horrible listening experience that makes you beg for more! Hey boys and girls, It’s fan-dabi-dozi!

HelpAphexTwin 4.0 compiles the two 3-CD’s with Aphex Twin material that was reworked by V/Vm which were released earlier, and there is some bonus tracks as well! V/Vm have been kind enough to help Aphex Twin collect more money, which seems to be the general theme for the CD. If you think Aphex Twin’s music is strange, try this, it’s totally weird. This cd contains fucked-up versions of all Aphex classics, which are actually quite well done. If you don’t like Aphex Twin, this cd comes higly recommended! If you like Aphex Twin, this cd comes highly recommended! So you see, this cd will appeal to everybody! Money, money, money, its so funny! (check out www.helpaphextwin.com)

And then there is V/Vm’s reworking of my all-time favourite Russian classical composer, Dimitri Shostakovich. This work is simply Shostakovich’s symphonies 1to 15 stretched or compressed to the same length and stacked on top of each other on a laptop, and then played simultaneously. The result is a stunningly bombastic cacophony of 2842 seconds (divided into 4 tracks), which was aptly named “The Missing Symphony”. I’m sure Shostakovich would have loved it!

Overall uncle V/Vm is a pretty good joker! But keep in mind that V/Vm are DEADLY serious about their work. Remember, V/Vm remixed and worked with artists like Lionel Richie, Chris de Burgh, Joy Division, Heino, Michael Jackson, Boyzone, East 17, Aphex Twin, The Melvins and many more! Therefore, these works come highly recommended to fans of Big City Orchestra, Venetian Snares, Merzbow or New Kids on the Block.

artist: V/Vm
label: V/Vm Test Records