Waldsonne – Strahl

The name of the band and the title of this 4-track demo cd may suggest a German act. Waldsonne are actually from Moscow, Russia. They exist for about 1,5 years and were first called Languor, before changing their name to Waldsonne. Some of the members have also been involved in Neutral, which had two nice releases, a live album on Brudenia and an album on Cynfeirdd last year. Neutral still exists, but with a different line-up, and is working on a new album. Back to Waldsonne, who are busy recording a full album, and this mini cd makes me look forward to more material from them.

For a self-released promo the packaging looks attractive, with a textured green sleeve and an insert sheet on quality paper. The cd lasts only 10 minutes, with two short instrumental tunes and two longer vocal songs. The four piece band uses acoustic guitars, mandolin and violin on “Strahl”. The tranquil songs have an intimate and subtle sound and seem to be inspired by tradition and nature. The music of Waldsonne is not so far removed from the work of Neutral, their fellow Russians Romowe Rikoito or the young German group Neun Welten.

Very pleasant acoustic songs to listen to, somewhere between neofolk, neoclassical and medieval music, with a romantic and moody atmosphere. The half-spoken vocals (in German and Russian) of Veronica Martynova aka ‘Naturfrau’ enhance the melancholic character. This mcd is over before you know it, so a full album by Waldsonne would be welcome.

At the website of Seidr you can listen to two mp3’s of this cd.

artist: Waldsonne
label: self-released
details: 4 tracks, 10 min, 2005