Wallenberg – Sea of Sins

For some people Wallenberg might be a well known name in the gothrock scene as the band was already active in the 80?s. But, for others the band will be completely unknown. This new cd will most likely not change this status of the band.
The sound of the band is that of a classic gothic rock band, but with a very light and poppy character. Most typical is the bad singer of the band. Basically he cannot sing and the music suffers from this.
Musically the songs are not bad, but also not surprising or innovative for the genre. Judging on the tracks on this cd Wallenberg is an average gothic rock band with decent songs and a bad singer. But more bands have this problem. Maybe some listeners don?t care, but I do.

artist: Wallenberg
label: Manic Depression Records
details: 11 tracks [MD006]