Wappenbund – Blood & Fire

Wappenbund already impressed me with their album “Zeitenwende”, so now I also purchased this mini cd ‘Blood & Fire’. This is an unlimited re-release, the original highly limited edition is sold out. This cd, which comes in a nice package, contains 5 tracks, again in their impressive bombastic industrial style. ‘Ruins’ is a noisy soundscape, with a militant atmosphere. The bombastic title track is the ‘hit’ of the album, a catchy orchestral composition. ‘Neues Leben’ continues in the same vein, with powerful drumming. I only dislike the distorted vocals a bit. ‘Victim’ is more noisy, a harsh wall of sound, again with distorted vocals. The mcd is closed with the orchestral ballad ‘End of storm’, which is an appropriate title.

artist: Wappenbund
label: Greyland Records
details: 5 tracks, 20 minutes