Wappenbund – Kinder des Lichtes

Announced as the final Wappenbund release, after the albums “Zeitenwende” and “Preußen” and the EP’s “Blood & fire” and “Zurück in der Heimat”. The new album by this German martial act contains 6 new tracks. Wappenbund is the project of Sven Bussler, who is also active in most other Greyland Records acts, like Coinside (dark electro) and Wiener Aktivisten (industrial nosie). Recently Greyland announced the end of its existence.

“Kinder des Lichtes” is packaged in a high quality black cardboard sleeve. The album is dedicated tomentally disabled children. The artwork contains photos of adult people with growing disorders, taken from the cult movie ‘Freaks’ by Tod Browning (1932).

The cd starts with the overture ‘Flammen’. It features an elegant female soprano voice, a lush neoclassical melody and bombastic percussion. The title track follows, which has the typical powerful Wappenbund sound. A martial atmosphere, choirs and classical melodies, heavy percussion and various samples. ‘Andacht’ is a more tranquil, atmospheric neoclassical piece, with a sacred feeling. ‘Strahle in Ewigkeit’ is a dense, somewhat spooky soundscape, with choirs, classical sound and harsh industrial noises. ‘Frieda’ is then again more martial and bombastic, with heavy percussion and a catchy synth melody. Probably the track with the most hit potential. The album is closed with ‘Marche Funébre’, a majestic and dramatic march.

Most tracks have an epic, atmospheric and bombastic sound, which would do well as a film score (for underground movies). It’s certainly a solid album, which will be appreciated by people who loved their previous work. The only thing I miss is a real hammer, like ‘Die Fahne hoch’ or ‘Fremde Fahnen Part II’ on previous albums.

artist: Wappenbund
label: Greyland Records
details: 6 tracks, 38 min, 2004 [GR 14]