Wappenbund – Zeitenwende

Last year I discovered the German label Greyland Records, when browsing the internet. I downloaded various tracks from their website, which sounded great, especially the material from Wappenbund was impressive. So I soon ordered their “Zeitenwende” cd. Although this cd is already some time in my possession, I more or less forgot to write a review on my website. But I’m making up for it, because this cd is of such a high quality.

Wappenbund is a project around Sven Bussler, who is also involved in various other acts. Wappenbund already released some other limited material, most of which is now sold out and highly sought after. The musical style can be described as martial industrial. This album contains 8 bombastic and powerful tracks. Harsh noises, warlike samples, choirs, and especially very powerful percussion are the ingredients of this tasteful menu. But the music is not only straightforward power: it also contains good melodies, which are especially created by the neo-classical sounding synths. Both the music and the packaging are carried out carefully. The album contains one real hit, ‘Die Fahne hoch’, which is incredibly powerful, with an infectious melody and beats like hammers.

A true must for every fan of martial industrial music. Or, as the Germans say, a Pflichtkauf!

artist: Wappenbund
label: Greyland Records
details: 8 tracks, 43 minutes. released in 2001.