Warren Suicide – Listen to National Radio Stations

On this second EP Warren Suicide again brings his mix of electroclash, electropunk and EBM. This three track EP is somewhat more raw and harsher than previous material. The songs sound fiercer and more exciting.

‘The Warren’s Lover’ is a good fierce track that should do well on the dancefloor. ‘Butcher Boy’ is a slower and dirty electroclash song, which is reminiscent of the sleaziest tracks by Soft Cell, only done in a modern way. The last track, ‘The Woman just stood there’, is very minimal and only evolving slowly. In combination with the monotonous spoken lyrics this has a hypnotizing effect.

Listen to National Radio Stations is good EP and due to the rawer sound a welcome relief from the mainly boring electroclash tracks that are released nowadays. Especially ‘The Warren’s Lover’ is a recommended track for both the electroclash and EBM dancefloor.

artist: Warren Suicide
label: 1st Decade Records
details: 12', 3 tracks [1st014]