Weathermen, The – Daytime TV

After some remix 12”s We Rock Like Crazy comes up with this 12” by The Weathermen. Some people will know this industrial/EBM band from their 80’s hit ‘Poison’.

On this new release there are four tracks from their last album Deeper with The Weatherman, all in special versions and one track in two different versions. I have to admit We Rock Like Crazy shows guts to release this record. As the music on this 12” has little to do with the music they released so far. The previously releases where always elektro related, this one is primary a dance/techno record.

Daytime TV features modern dance dominated EBM and techno sounds. We Rock Like Crazy will need to find a whole new audience for this release as I doubt if the people who liked the other records will like this one. Maybe some modern gothic fans will like this one as it has references to what these people call EBM nowadays.

Well, not my cup of tea but I am sure there are people who will like these fat beats.

artist: Weathermen, The
label: We Rock Like Crazy
details: 12”, 5 tracks, 2005 [WRLC05]