Weegs, The – Meat The Weegs

This band really plays some crazy punk music. Although The Weegs might be put in the same corner as bands like Sixteens, Vanishing and The Phantom Limbs, their music is really different.

On Meat The Weegs you will hear some dark (post-) punk music fused with electronics. Raw guitar sounds and screamed vocals are combined with electronic rhythms and melodies.

The songs are mostly rather fast, even neurotic and nervous at times (‘Loaves’ and ‘M.I.A.’). When the band takes a little step back they come up with crazy disco punk music. Expecially ‘Pink elephant walk’ is a great track. Somewhat like The Phantom Limbs and The Au Pairs mixed and some added electronics on top of that.

More and more new bands in the post-punk genre seem to come from the US. The Weegs is one of them and you can expect to hear from them soon.

artist: Weegs, The
label: Hungry Eye Records
details: 12 tracks [EYE06]