Well of Sadness, The – Tarantella for the Death

Ten new tracks by The Well of Sadness, an Italian one-man act which I encountered on various compilations before. As usual with Bunkier Productions it comes on a rather limited cd-r. And I must say I really appreciate the sound of this album, somewhere between martial neofolk and cold electronic sounds.
It starts with some dark and moody instrumental pieces, before delivering a powerful track with vocals, called ‘Where I’m living…’ There’s also a weird cabaretesque piece (the title track), comparable to the style of Spiritual Front. The rather ritual ‘Solo’ reminds me of ACTUS.
In the end there a few tranquil soundscapes which I find less interesting. Apart from that the album has a convincing apocalyptic atmosphere, with some good oppressive soundscapes which should appeal to fans of Toroidh, LJDLP or Der Blutharsch.
An LP and a 7″ (in the 63 Days series) will be coming up on Fluttering Dragon, so they should be something to look out for.

artist: Well of Sadness, The
label: Bunkier Productions
details: 10 tracks, 2005, 160 copies [BIX CDr]