Wermut – Anna

You never know what to expect from Wermut. The duo Laszlo and Sofia do what they want, and when they want to. Thus Anna is very different from their Hoffnung 10”. Don’t expect minimal elektro pieces but also don’t expect neo folk muzak as on their first 10”.

Anna is a psychedelic trip. It tells the story of two young people with a small self built sailing boat around the world. Musically this is realized with mostly tranquil and dreamy electronic soundscape like tracks. Within these tracks there are some acoustic elements to be found.

The only moment you will hear Wermut on this record as a sort of elektro project is on ‘Vague ? l’âme’. This track could well become a small hit. Most of the other tracks are less “pop” orientated and more meditative and as said psychedelic.
Listen for example to ‘Anna’ and ‘Thetis’ Wrath’ and let yourself be taken away by the wind. Very nice are the interludes with the sound of the sea.

Wermut surprised again with a very nice record. It is nice to hear that there are still some musicians that don’t want to classified and choice to do what they want instead of what labels and listeners expect. I am looking forward what these musicians will serve us next.

artist: Wermut
label: Punch Records
details: cd, 13 tracks [PP012]