Wermut – Hoffnung

After a neo-folk debut (on Old Europa Cafe) and a split release with Rod Droid, on which the minimal wave was already present, Hoffnung can be seen as the first true statement by Wermut. It is an album full of minimal elektro produced with Casio and Commodore 64 sounds. From time to time folkloristic melodies (played on accordion) and influences are used, which gives Wermut their special distinctive sound.

The selection of tracks is very good, with both some dancefloor anthems and more tranquil and atmospheric songs. Very nice is ‘Lucia’s Song’, a melancholy track with a good and steady rhythm. Also the folky ‘Sombres
de Sang’ is excellent. It has touch of French chansons. But the title track is the smash hit on this record, a fast and fierce minimal elektro track with a hint of NDW.

This 10” is most likely only the beginning of the fame of Wermut. I expect a lot more from this band in the future. So, don’t miss them live at Hex on 15 april in Amsterdam.

artist: Wermut
label: Treue um Treue
details: 10”, 10 tracks [Treue um Treue 001]