Wermut – Life is a journey… death a horizon

The second film on Getreu Allezeit, Life is a journey…death a horizon by Wermut, is both when it comes to the soundtrack and the film itself less abstract as the first film by Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte.

The soundtrack is a very nice piece of dark ambient, which very slowly evolves. Its minimal character fits the slowly progression of the images and scenes of the film very well.
Also the dark atmosphere of the film itself is truly intriguing. There are scenes in which the spectator is taken on a walk through abandoned buildings. Next to these dark scenes there are more relaxing moments when shots of the tide and a rocky coast are shown.

The images and the soundtrack really absorb you and take you away on a journey in which you are shown the unimportance of our wanderings on this planet. Possibly for many people not a pleasant view but very nicely shaped by Wermut.
An impressive accomplishment by these musicians and as it seems now also filmmakers.

artist: Wermut
label: Getreu Allezeit
details: DVD-r, film & soundtrack [Zeit02]