When Joy becomes Saddness – The time between reason and reality

When Joy becomes Saddness is one of the many projects of Clint Listing, who I mostly know for As All Die. That act showed a somewhat folky and martial style on the rather nice album “Times of war and Conflict”. On this release we have an experimental dark ambient sound though, with a prominent role for whispered vocals. “The time between reason and reality” contains three very long soundscapes, together lasting over an hour. As always with the releases of Somnambulant Corpse, this cd comes in a nice looking DVD box.

The minimal sonic tapestries make this a nice cd to play in the background. The sound is rather dark though, slightly ritual and sometimes a bit spooky. Dark drones, creepy voices, a few distinct bells, out-of-tune piano sounds are some of the ingredients on the menu. There is a tree on the album cover, which is well chose, because the music also makes me think of forests, wandering through dense and foggy trees. My favourite track is the first one, ‘Twenty-three tweny-six’. The other two tracks are not bad either, but last a little too long for me. Not a real highlight, this album, but not bad if you’re into deep drones, dark soundscapes or horror filmscores.

artist: When Joy becomes Saddness
label: Somnambulant Corpse
details: 3 tracks, 60 minutes