Wiener Aktivisten – Chapter II

This second release by the Wiener Aktivisten contains a picture 7” e.p. and a cd-r. Eternal Soul records released the picture 7”, and Greyland Records released this set containing an extra (black) cd-r with 5 tracks on it. On this cd there are 5 tracks, of which track 4 (‘Sacrifice’) and track 5 (‘Never Forget’) can be found on the 7” as well. So you get these two tracks twice…

‘Sacrifice’ starts with an old chanson and gradually turns into a rhythmic industrial track. The rhythmic part of the song is quite catchy with some changes in tempo, and shouting on top of it. Not overly distorted and reminding me a bit of Haus Arafna’s last album combined with Thorofon’s “Riot dictator”. Or something like that… ‘Never forget’ starts with keyboards, and gradually builds up to a rhythmic track, which is a bit in the vein of the older Ant-Zen or Hands projects.

So, three songs left on the cd-r. The first one starts out with a more familiar sound, reminding me not only of the first Wiener Aktivisten output, but also of Wappenbund and even Anna Gardeck. Orchestral and noisy. The orchestral part reminds me of old 70’s records, Procol Harum or the Moody Blues maybe? Anna Gardeck did something similar with her track “Verachtung”. Not surprisingly, the three Aktivisten are Sven (Wappenbund) Anna (Gardeck) and one Maria.
Then onwards to the most extreme tracks. Track 2, ‘Soldat’: noise and shouting, followed by track 3 which starts out with a sample and then turns into thick noise and some vague other sounds woven through it.

Well, that’s that. A very enjoyable release in my opinion!
It reminded me to listen to Anna Gardeck’s great “Bondage Women” release again; a very recommendable record (also on Greyland Records) with oppressing harsh and atmospheric industrial.

artist: Wiener Aktivisten
label: Greyland Records
details: 7' + cdr