Wiener Aktivisten – und wir reiten durch das Land

“Rettet Wien vor der Belagerung durch die wilden Kerle” seems to be the device of this record. This text, printed on the back, is about the only information you get. The record, which comes in a luxurious sleeve, contains 7 untitled tracks. “und wir reiten durch das Land” was first released in 2000 on cd-r, later followed by a cd and this vinyl version. The Wiener Aktivisten are a joint project started for fun, by some acts of the Greyland Records label: Sigrun Heid, Anna Gardeck and Wappenbund.

The music is a mixture of ritual electronics, powernoise and mystical industrial. Song 1 is a collage with various samples, reminding a little of Der Blutharsch. The second track is a harsh piece of powernoise, which gets a strange effect through the female opera voice and classical strings mixed with it. The last track on side A is more of an industrial soundscape, with a few sudden outbursts.
Side B continues with a slow dark composition, with a few noisy passages and some harsh sampled voices, and at times some powerful percussion. Then follows a relentless industrial noise tracks, with extreme vocals, which are hard to endure. With song 6 we can relax a little, but not for long, because the soundscape gets noisier and faster, with some metal percussion at the end. The record is finished with a funny old German chanson.
This LP by the Wiener Aktivisten is not a direct masterpiece, but a nice record that is an asset to any industrial collection.

artist: Wiener Aktivisten
label: Greyland records
details: 12', limited to 232 copies