Wiese, John – Bubble Pulse

Once there was a very obscure but brilliant band called ?man is the bastard?, this band played a sort of grindcore with lots of influences from the (Japanese) noise scene. This band stopped recording one day, and one of its members continued as ?bastard noise?. Bastard Noise created very harsh, but interesting noise, and collaborated with Merzbow, Brume and others. The man behind this project is John Wiese.

On this CD release under his own name, Wiese presents the softer and more experimental side of his works. Wiese uses a computer to generate all sorts of noises, and composes noise-tracks from them. As opposed to the tracks of most noise-acts these tracks are varied and interesting, they do not hurt your ears and are quite enjoyable to listen to.

This cd is certainly an interesting option for those noise listeners who are growing a bit tired of the old ?extreme? stuff, and for people listening to electro-acoustic music.

artist: Wiese, John
label: Kissy Records
details: [kis002]