Williams, David E. – Hello Columbus

Though I encounter the name of David E. Williams from time to time, the actual music I heard from him was limited to a few compilation tracks. Important trademarks of his work are his peculiar, rough voice and his original lyrics, perhaps you could call him a dark troubadour. But don’t expect miminal singer-songwriter music here, in fact this three track mini cd is quite ambitious in its musical embodiment. David E. Willams takes care of the singing, keyboards and drum machine, while other musicians add bass and guitar, backing vocals, saxophone and drums. And if that is not enough, the Academy (string) Quartet is present with violins, viola and cello.

So we are treated to a rich, full sound, with quite some variation in sound and mood. Noisy, almost industrial parts are alternated with more melancholic, orchestral pieces. The voice of Williams is, as said before, rather peculiar, he has not exactly the voice of a choir boy. He sings rather out of tune and with a lot of passion, which gives it a certain charm. The quite interesting lyrics show a rather gloomy (though witty ironic) view of women and relationships, evoking bizarre, surreal images. At times he is totally desperate: “My soulmate died three years before she and I ever got to meet”. Though this mini cd only lasts for 12 minutes, it contains rather many elements to keep your mind busy here with. Certainly an interesting release, both musically and lyrically, which is quite hard to compare with other musicians. Perhaps the names of Nick Cave or Tom Waits spring to mind, but David E. Willams has find his own corner in the musical universum.

artist: Williams, David E.
label: Ospedale Records
details: 3 tracks. released in 1999