Williams, David E. – Hope springs a turtle

It took eight years, but finally the world is a new David E. Williams album richer. Again you can expect a diverse mixture of musical ingredients. Arty pop, classical/symphonic arrangements, avantgarde electronics. Of course the deciding factor are the humourous, cabaretesque lyrics by Mr. Williams, dark and twisted tales of ‘no more mr. nice guy’.

The musical idiom of ‘Hope springs a turtle’ seems to be somewhat calmer than in the past. Perhaps because of Williams’ recent involvement in the power electronics project Deathpile he could use some tranquilizers. ‘The curious pediatrician’ is an exception, with a full orchestral sound, rocking guitars and heavy percussion. The album has quite some references to film scores, musicals and cabaret. On various songs the voice of Williams is mostly accompanied by piano, in the best Elton John tradition, or as Michael Moynihan once described him, as ‘Liberace with a brain tumour’.

The lyrics of David E. Williams may not be suited for use in a George Bush election campaign. Sex, a lot of abuse, organs falling out, inserted objects, mental illness and medications and various not so conservative characters populate Williams’ twisted world as usual. Titles like ‘Teddy Bear Laser Speculum’ and ‘First Time Offender (prequel to altar boy)’ probably say enough, this is stuff on which nightmares are built.

artist: Williams, David E.
label: Old Europa Cafe
details: 15 tracks [oecd 063]