Wilt – As giants watch over us

James P. Keeler aka Wilt returns with another fine disc on Ad Noiseam. Not a double cd this time, like his previous work ‘Radio 1940’, but still 72 minutes of demanding contemporary electronic music. Rewarding music also, which leaves you in a restless state.

From dark drones and ambient textures to to harsh noises, strange cut-up techniques and radio sounds. There is a lot to experience here, concentrated listening with headphones is recommended to enjoy the full experience of structured cacophony.

Each track has its different pecularities and qualities. The title track has some dirty lo-fi elements, which mnakes me think of the Galakthorrö label at times. ‘The fiddler and the fool’ has a great hypnotic ritual character. The soundtrack-like ‘The coming plague’ sounds rather spooky and promises things you don’t wanna know about, with minimal classical sounds and sonic rumbling in the background. I don’t have enough stamina to swallow all 72 minutes in a row, but I prefer small doses. Nevertheless it’s an impressive album by Wilt.

artist: Wilt
label: Ad Noiseam
details: 13 tracks [adn 35]