Winterkälte – Progressive

When I first heard this 4-track maxi some years ago I was completely blown away. At that time Winterkälte wasn’t at the top of the rhythmic industrial scene yet, this was one of their first releases (from 1997) and it was also my first encounter with the Hands label. I bought it when I was impressed by the show of this German powernoise duo at the first Maschinenfest, I think it was in 1998.

Four great tracks can be found on this 10″:
A1 Malfunction
A2 Structure 03
A3 Incinerator
B1 Smoky Mountains (Live In Rostock).

When I listen to them now they haven’t lost their power. I don’t think I have heard many better rhythmic industrial releases since, even not from Winterkälte themselves…

artist: Winterkälte
label: Hands Productions
details: 10' single