Wolfmaster – Murder and religion

Wolfmaster, the name sounds rather metallish. But the 6 tracks on “Murder and Religion” sound different than that. Electronica play the most important role musicwise. The dominant string sounds convey a feeling of drama, at times sounding rather bombastic. The midtempo songs are rather heavy. The voice of the singer sounds rather menacing, almost grunting at times. I’m not surprised that the musician behind Wolfmaster has a metal background. Nowadays he seems to be inspired by Rammstein, Rob Zombie and Nine Inch Nails, though without the guitar riffs. I also have to think of doom metal and Godflesh, though not as heavy. His debut mini album is made by keyboards, computer and drum samples. I quite like the combination of lush electronics and the brutal vocals. Most of the compositions are a little too monotonous though, and the overall sound could gain from a few added elements or instruments. The drums sound a little boring, and the songs could be more melodic. But there is certainly quite some potential in this crossover debut of Wolfmaster.

artist: Wolfmaster
label: self-released