Wolfsheim – Blind

The song ‘Blind’ by Wolfsheim is not taken from their latest album Casting Shadows but from the previous cd Spectators. For the soundtrack of the film ‘Erbsen auf halb 6’ the synthpop duo made a new version which is also released as a single.

This new version sounds somewhat more electronic due to the added bleeps and clicks. The melancholy mood is kept intact. ‘Blind’ proves to be a suitable track for a single release even though the song is pretty slow and not as catchy as some other Wolfheim tracks. These were probably the reasons for not releasing this track as single some years ago.

A weird but nice little detail is that Dutch singer Henk Westbroek has recorded a Dutch version of ‘Kein Zurück’. This song, called ‘Geen weg terug’, will be released as part of the celebration of his 25th year as a singer.

artist: Wolfsheim
label: Strange Ways Records
details: single, 4 tracks [way225]