Wolfsheim – Casting Shadows

It has taken the band some time, but now after four years there is at last a new Wolfsheim album. The Wolfsheim trademark of catchy popsongs with melancholy vocals is also present on Casting Shadows. Although most of the songs on this new album are somewhat less dance orientated. For the greatest part the tracks are produced by Andreas Herbig, who worked with A-ha on their come-back album. Some of the new Wolfsheim songs, like ‘I Won’t Believe’ en ‘And I…’, even sound a bit like the quiet A-ha songs.

Of course there are also some dance tracks on this album, but none is an instant dancefloor hit like ‘The Sparrows and the Nightingales’ and ‘Once in a Lifetime’. Songs like ‘Wundervoll’ (Daft Punk like disco) and ‘Approaching Lightspeed’ (electro/synthpop) are danceable but have less hit potential as the mentioned older tracks. Casting Shadows is above all a nice, atmospheric and tranquil record.

It is amazing to hear that Wolfsheim is capable of writing for each record again songs that the listener will remember after only listening to them once, and that will not quickly bore the listener. This is thus another fine record and recommended to everyone who likes electro/synthpop, or just good popmusic.

artist: Wolfsheim
label: Strange Ways Records
details: 11 tracks