Wolfsheim – Find you’re here

‘Find you’re here’ is the second single from the ‘Casting Shadows’ album. The song is actually a different version of the album track ‘Find you’re gone’. That song is the B-side of this single. The A-side is basically a dance orientated remix version of the original with new lyrics. This new version is not as good as the original, more melancholic synth pop version. Musically it is just not as catchy as ‘Find you’re gone’ and the lyrics doesn’t seem to fit completely. In short, ‘Find you’re here’ is funny, but the original is much better.

Next to that there are two live tracks on this single from the hits ‘Kein zurück’ and ‘Künstliche Welten’. Nice single, but don’t buy it for the A-side (buy it for the B-side).

artist: Wolfsheim
label: Strange Ways Records
details: 4 tracks [way 221]