Wolfsheim – Kein Zurück

Wolfsheim took take some time to come up with new material. Four years have gone past since their latest album, Spectators, was released. Wolfsheim’s trademark has since their debut album from ‘92 been their melancholy feeling both in the quitet as in the danceable songs. The voice of Peter Hepner is for the greatest part responsible for that melancholy feeling.

‘Kein Zurück’ is the first single of the new album entitled “Casting Shadows”, to be released in april. This new song will be recognized instantly by fans as being Wolfsheim. Especially nice is the beginning of the song with an acoustic guitar, that keeps coming back during the song. Atmospheric synth sounds and quiet beats set the tone for this sad, but romantic song.

A remix version of the track is also featured on the single, which is nice but not so good as the original. Next to that a new album song, ‘And I…’ and a non-album track ‘Iou’ can be found on the single. ‘Kein Zurück’ and the rest of this single make the waiting a little less hard.

artist: Wolfsheim
label: Strange Ways Records
details: mcd