Wolfskin – Tornar O Sangue Sagrado

Wolfskin is the project of Johan Aernus from Portugal. He is perhaps better known for his other project Karnnos, which has a more folky sound, though remaining original and experimental, with a great variety. Wolfskin has already had a few releases on his own label Reaping Horde. This new cd has been released by the always interesting French label Cynfeirdd. This limited album comes in a nice digipack. Released in 2002, it is now sold out unfortunately. It is the last part of a trilogy, dedicated to the sacred essence of Fire and Blood, but it can of course also be enjoyed as a solitary work.

On this cd the listener is treated to almost an hour over exciting instrumental compositions. Eelectronic and acoustic elements are intertwined. Ambient soundscapes, industrial ambience, ritual elements, classical sounds, mysterious voices. No melodic pieces, not many rhythmic elements, but slowly evolving soundscapes, which can’t be called tranquil, because so much happens in the musical setting, with many different sounds coming and going.

The first track ‘Blazen signs awakening’ directly displays a dense sound, with various layers on top of each other. Flutes, various voices, classical elements, strange sounds… Most tracks have a ritual atmosphere, with a lot of energy underneath. You have the feeling that you are taken to times long past, perhaps medieval battlegrounds, or even pre-christian times. The title track is excellent, with a dark symphonic foundation and some martial elements. An absolute highlight is ‘Blood, purify time’, which combines dense dark ambient, with harsh industrial sounds, militant spoken word, reminding of Blood Axis, and a few folky elements. Fabulous track!
A challenging listening experience, this cd which combines ambient, industrial, classical and ritual elements.

artist: Wolfskin
label: Cynfeirdd
details: 8 tracks. Cyn 014, ltd. 487