Woven Hand – Blush music

Christianity and country music are two defining elements in the work of David Eugene Edwards. Certainly not two aspects that usually play a prominent role in the music that I listen to. Nevertheless I greatly appreciate Edwards’ work. He is best known for his main group 16 Horsepower, but I especially like his darker side-project Woven Hand, started in 2001 during a sabbatical year. After a self-titled album in 2002, “Blush Music” appeared one year later. Meanwhile Woven Hand has also released the album “Consider The Birds”.

Woven Hand not only incorporates country, but also other traditional American musical styles like folk and blues, combined with chilling soundscape elements. The often gritty and raw music conveys a clear feeling of melancholy and desolation. The feeling is intense and spiritual, you get the feeling that devils are around the corner preparing to convince you to sell your soul. Organs, mandolin, cello, slide guitar, samples and field recordings and of course the creaky voice of Edwards create a dense atmospheric mixture.

On this album Woven Hand really gets me in their spell. Especially the brilliant last song ‘Stories and Pictures’ gives me the shivers, when Edwards sings ‘Your fire burns for me’. I even forgive them for including a14-minute version of ‘Ain’t no sunshine’, normally a too cliche cover, but they manage to do something quite interesting with it, even making me think of Current 93 at times. Nick Cave is also lurking behind the corner at times.

By the way, this album was mixed by Robert Ferbrache (known for working with Blood Axis and Changes) at his Studio Absinthe in Colardo. “Blush Music” is apparently a reworked version of the score of the dance production “Blush”, which music is also available in its original format.

artist: Woven Hand
label: Glitterhouse Records
details: 10 tracks, 2003 [GRCD 574]